Study Abroad in Brazil!

The University of New Mexico, in partnership with Texas Tech University, is offering two opportunities to study abroad in Brazil. The first opportunity is a week long visit to Brazil over Spring Break 2011. This trip will introduce students to environmental research and engineering studies as well as the culture of Brazil. All interactions will be in English on this trip. All costs will be covered other than meals. Estimated costs for meals per student will be around $350.

The second study abroad opportunity is for a full semester in Brazil. Students pay UNM tuition for classes but spend a semester at one of 3 Universities in Brazil. The class also requires language training in Portuguese prior to travel, as well as a three week Portuguese immersion language class in either Sao Paolo or Rio de Janeiro before moving to your host University. Students receive a stipend of US$4500 to cover language training and living costs in Brazil. For more information please contact Scott Collins (scollins @ or Will Pockman (pockman @