Kina Murphy

Graduate Student
Office Address: 


My email address is Kina at

Fulbright, Ecology 2003-2004
MCRP, Natural Resource Management, Univeristy of New Mexico, 2006
BS, Conservation Science, College of Santa Fe
Curriculum Vitae: 

Murphy has a Fulbright in ecology focusing on the movement and assemblage patterns of large herbivores along the Chobe-Linyanti-Zambezi wetland in Botswana; and a Master’s in Community and Regional Planning from UNM, focusing on wildlife management and human wildlife conflict mitigation along the Chobe-Linyanti-Zambezi Wetland.  Her Undergraduate degree is in conservation science, and she has been a conservation professional since 2000 working in Southern Africa and the Southwestern US. Murphy is the president and founder of Global Conservation Assistance and the Former Conservation Director for Earthworks Institute.

Previously, Murphy worked the for the National Park Service’s Rivers Trails and Conservation Assistance Program providing technical assistance to communities in the planning and design of community parks and opens spaces. She has written open space and wildlife management plans with communities in New Mexico and Africa; has conducted needs assessments for USAID, and worked as an assistant biologist for the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Her experience includes project and community planning with numerous international and community based NGOs, local communities, schools, foreign parks departments, tribal governments, and national governments in New Mexico, Botswana, Malawi,  Uganda, Tanzania, and Mexico.

She is a Kinship Conservation Fellow, which focuses on Market based approaches to conservation, a Whole Thinking Fellow, and a member of the Diverse Partners for Environmental Progress.

Research Interests: 

Kina Murphy is interested in plant and large herbivore community interactions, wildlife movement and assemblage patterns, how large herbivores impact net primary productivity and carbon cycles, body size, scaling and energy exchange between trophic levels. Her research focuses on how the movement patterns and metabolic rates of large herbivores impact net primary productivity and carbon sequestration along the Chobe-Linyanti-Zambezi Wetland in Botswana, and comparatively on the Pritzlaff Ranch and Villas Caldera in New Mexico.

Recent Awards/Honors: 
Fulbright, 2003
Whole Thinking Fellow, 2009
Kinship Conservation Fellow, 2007