Michell L. Thomey

Postdoc (Pockman lab)
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Ph.D., Biology, University of New Mexico, 2012
M.S., Biology, California State University, Fullerton, 2003
B.S., Biology, California State University, Fullerton, 1998
Curriculum Vitae: 
Research Interests: 

My research is focused on understanding the linkages between global environmental change and plant-plant interactions and feedbacks to plant community structure and energy and carbon fluxes.

Professional Experience: 
Research Scientist I, Department of Biology, Univeristy of New Mexico
Research Assistant/Lab Tech, School of Life Sciences, Arizona State University
Intern, Division of Earth and Ecosystem Science, Desert Research Institute
Biological Science Technician (plants) GS-7, Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit, USDA Forest Service
Thomey ML, Collins SL, Friggens MT, Brown RF, Pockman WT (2014) Effects of monsoon precipitation variability on the ecophysiological response of two dominant C4 grasses across a semiarid ecotone. (Accepted, Oecologia)
Thomey ML, Ford PL, Finch DM, Reeves M, Litvak ME, Collins SL (2014) Climate change impacts on future carbon stocks and management of warm deserts of the United States. Rangelands, 36, 16-24.
Shi Z, Thomey ML, Mowll W, Litvak M, Brunsell NA, Collins SL, Pockman WT, Smith MD, Knapp AK, Luo Y (2014) Differential effects of extreme drought on production and respiration: Synthesis and modeling analysis. Biogeosciences, 11, 621-633
Thomey ML, Ford PL, Reeves MC, Finch DM, Litvak ME, Collins SL (2014) Review of climate change impacts in on future carbon stores and management of warm deserts of the United States. USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station General Technical Report RMRS - GTR - 316: 1-26
Robinson TMP, LaPierre K, Vadeboncoeur M, Byrne K, Thomey ML, Colby S (2013) Seasonal not annual precipitation drives community productivity across ecosystems. Oikos, 122, 727-738
Vargas R, Collins SL, Thomey ML, Johnson JE, Brown RF, Natvig DO, Friggens MT (2012) Precipitation variability and fire influence the temporal dynamics of soil CO2 efflux in an arid grassland. Global Change Biology, 18, 1401-1411 (cover photo by RF Brown)
Thomey ML, Collins SL, Vargas R, Johnson JE, Brown RF, Natvig DO, Friggens MT. (2011) Effect of precipitation variability on net primary production and soil respiration in a Chihuahuan Desert grassland. Global Change Biology, 17, 1505-1515.
Recent Awards/Honors: 
Stable Isotopes in Ecology Course, Univerisity of Utah (2011) - Leaders Jim Ehleringer, Todd Dawson, Thure Cerling (selective admission)