Welcome! Our research focuses on the impact of natural disturbances and global environmental change on mesic and arid grassland ecosystems. We are particularly interested in the interactive effects of fire, grazing and drought in mesic grasslands in North America and South Africa, and how rainfall variability, temperature change, and shrub encroachment affect aridland ecosystems in the southwestern US.

Long-term nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization has variable effects on soil carbon sequestration in temperate grasslands

A really nice study in Global Change Biology led by Adrienne Keller on soil SOC response to 10-years of N fertilization in a subset of NutNet plots across the US. From the abstract:

Sonoran desert winter annuals respond to nitrogen addition and rainfall variability in preserves around Phoenix

Check out our recent paper in Ecological Monographs on Sonoran Desert annual plant communities. Here's the abstract:

Soil seed banks, alternative stable states and restoration ecology

Very happy to see our conceptual paper on soil seedbanks and restoration ecology within the context of alternative stable state theory published in BioScience. here's the abstract:

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