Scott Collins is now Chair-elect of the LTER Science Council

At the 2010 LTER Science Council meeting, Scott Collins, PI of the Sevilleta LTER, was elected Chair of the LTER Science Council. He will serve one year as Chair-elect and two years as Chair of the SC. The scientific direction and vision of the LTER Network is established by the Science Council. The Science Council has the responsibility to provide leadership and planning for cross-site research and education, to develop proposals for the conduct of Network-level science, to interact with existing and emerging networks, to develop products that synthesize Network-level data and information, and to otherwise manage the science affairs of the LTER Network.

The Chair presides at all meetings of the Science Council and the Executive Board and, along with the Executive Board, generally oversees and supervises the governance of the LTER Network. The Chair shall facilitate communication to Network Sites regarding decisions of the Executive Board; provide a receptive ear for any Network member who wishes to raise an issue of concern; and serve as or appoint liaisons to NSF, other agencies, associations, networks, the public, and to Network committees.