Southwest Field Ecology at the Sevilleta Field Station, New Mexico

Biology 419.004/519.004 (CRN: 24853/24854)

Description: This course will focus on the ecology of the UNM Sevilleta Field Station in the middle Rio Grande Valley. This course is a residential course based at the Sevilleta. Students will be living on‐site for the week in the residences at the Field Station. During this intensive field course, students will be taking field trips and exploring various sites and habitats in central New Mexico. This field‐based class provides a rich opportunity for context‐based learning.
Students will:

  • Visit the major habitats and learn to identify the predominant animal and plant species.
  • Learn about and observe ecological roles and relationships and make connections between the local abiotic factors that determine biotic structure.
  • Participate in field data collection and learn how to apply the scientific method to biological field research.
  • Build and practice scientific observation skills in a field setting.
  • Keep a field journal documenting observations and scientific concepts.
  • Reading, analysis, and discussion of scientific literature.

Dates: Sevilleta Field Station: Monday, June 11 through Sunday, June 17, 2018
Course Fee: $440 (includes lodging, food, transportation and supplies)
Instructors: Rich Anderson ( or 828‐3227), Helen Haskell (