General Announcements

Mechanisms of shrub encroachment under climate and land use change investigated using a cellular automata model

Here's a cool approach to modeling shrub encroachment by creosotebush. Further encroachment is likely under future climate scenaarios. Here's the abstract:

Tallgrass prairie is relatively resistant to increased precipitation variability

Three Cheer for Syd Jones! Chapter 1 of her PhD dissertation has just been published in Scientific Reports. Here's the abstract:

Research Day

Another great Research Day in the Biology Department at UNM. Congratulations to Renee Brown for winning best undergraduate poster for her presentation on her Senior Thesis, "Soil Nitrogen Availability Following Rainfall Pulses in a Desert Grassland During the Summer Monsoon." Additional congratulations go to Amy Bennett for her 3rd Place grad student poster, "Examinging Patterns in Precipitation Pulses and Carbon Fluxes." Three cheers for Renee and Amy, and all the other participants.

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