Our group investigates the ecological impacts of climate variability and climate change on ecosystems in the US desert southwest, tallgrass prairie in Kansas, and savanna grasslands in South Africa.

Sensitivity of primary production to precipitation across the United States

We are very pleased that our paper analyzing the sensitivity of aboveground net primary production to climate variation has been published in Ecology Letters. This work is the product of a Distributed Graduate Seminar sponsored by the DroughtNet RCN. We got reviewed and booted by three "high impact" journals and in each case the reviews were pretty lame and sometimes irrelevant, with no chance to respond. The Ecology Letters reviews were tough, thoughtful and challenging. They made this a better paper. Here's the abstract:

A cool new NutNet paper on field and lab based nitrogen mineralization across global grasslands

With a couple relatively easy to measure variables in the field, it is possible to convert lab-based potential N mineralization to in situ mineralization. Here's the summary from Risch et al. (2019) Nature Communications:

Check out the new algorithms for analyzing dynamics in ecological communities based on rank abundance curves

Here's the abstract of the Ecosphere paper by Avolio et al. (2019):

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