Welcome! Our research focuses on the impact of natural disturbances and global environmental change on mesic and arid grassland ecosystems. We are particularly interested in the interactive effects of fire, grazing and drought in mesic grasslands in North America and South Africa, and how rainfall variability, temperature change, and shrub encroachment affect aridland ecosystems in the southwestern US.

Study Abroad in Brazil!

The University of New Mexico, in partnership with Texas Tech University, is offering two opportunities to study abroad in Brazil. The first opportunity is a week long visit to Brazil over Spring Break 2011. This trip will introduce students to environmental research and engineering studies as well as the culture of Brazil. All interactions will be in English on this trip. All costs will be covered other than meals. Estimated costs for meals per student will be around $350.

Sevilleta LTER to receive the world's slowest RAPID award from NSF!

Following the ESA wildfire in August 2009 we submitted a RAPID proposal to address a series of questions related to ecosystem reconstruction under global change.

Sevilleta LTER to receive collaborative ULTRA-Ex funding!

The Sevilleta LTER in collaboration with the Jornada (JOR) and Central Arizona Phoenix (CAP) LTER sites will receive an ULTRA-Ex award from NSF. This is a planning grant to develop a cooperative effort in urban social-ecological research between and across the three sites.

The abstract of proposed research:

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